Information for people in Libya using Thuraya Phones

This page has been prepared for people using Thuraya phones to contact family and friends both inside and outside of Libya.

How to recharge a family or friend's Thuraya phone?

Go to "Recharge Online".  You will need to know the Thuraya phone number and have a credit card.  All Thuraya numbers start with 88216.  The airtime you buy is added automatically to the Thuraya phone when you recharge and a text message is send to the phone advising them of the recharge.  The phone does not need to be turned on for the system to work.

How to contact a relative or friend in Libya?

If you are trying to contact a relative or friend in Libya who is using a satellite phone it's best that they call you.  It's much cheaper for them to call you than for you to call them.  Check with your telephone company if you wish to confirm rates, but calls to the Thuraya country code (88216) are usually US$5 to US$10 per minute, but it's only $1.60 per minute for them to call you.  The exact cost is 1.5 units per minute and each unit costs US$1.06 if you recharge with 160 units.

Also the user of the satellite phone needs to be standing outside in a clear area waiting to receive your call if you try to call them.  If they are not expecting your call, then your call will not be able to connect.

For both these reasons, it's best for people in Libya to make the call on the satellite phone, rather than you try to call them

How to check the account balance of my friend's Thuraya phone?

When you have added a phone to your Thuraya Recharge account, you will be able to see the amount of credit.  To see the credit remaining, click on "My Thuraya Phones" and then click "Update" to get the latest balance.

I am having trouble recharging a phone.

The most common issue is that the Thuraya phone is already linked to another Thuraya Recharge account.  If so, you will see a message advising of this and requesting that you use the contact us page to request that it be enabled for your account also.  We act on these requests very quickly (usually less than 1 hour) and we will send you an email advising that you will now be able to recharge the phone.  Once this has been setup for the phone, other family members will also be able to recharge it too.

What's the best way to contact Thuraya Recharge?

The best way to contact us is via the Contact Us page on this website.