All about Thuraya Sim Card Validity

On 1 April 2019 Thuraya is changing the way that SIM card & Airtime validity works. You will now need to keep both the SIM card and the airtime active.

Our Advice: Recharge with at least 50 units every year to keep your airtime and SIM card valid indefinitely.


Airtime Validity

When you recharge with 20 units or more, your entire prepaid airtime balance will be valid from 365 days from the date of the recharge. This applies to your new and existing prepaid balance. 10 units is only 180 days, however it won't reduce your validity if you already have a longer period than this. The maximum validity is 365 days, so we reccomend that you recharge with at least 50 units per year to keep your airtime and your SIM card valid.


SIM Card Validity

To keep your SIM card active, you just need to keep enough prepaid balance to pay the annual fee that is charged by Thuraya.

Annual Fee charged by Thuraya

Both Thuraya Prepaid NOVA SIM cards and Thuraya Prepay SIM cards have an annual fee of 39 units. These are the most common types of SIM cards in use, but if you have a different type, you should contact the service provider who issued the SIM card to get the specific details from them.

Not enough prepaid balance?

If you don't have enough credit in your prepaid SIM account balance when your annual fee is due, your SIM card will enter a 90 day grace period where you will be able to receive calls, but not make them.  During this time you can recharge and Thuraya will then automatically deduct the fee, giving you another 12 months validity on your SIM card.

Need to reactivate?

If you don't recharge within this time, then you will need to contact your Thuraya Service Provider who supplied the SIM card, to request that they reactivate the SIM card. A reactivation fee applies, and is payable directly to them.