Fiona Adler from Thuraya Recharge calls home with her Thuraya phone during an expedition in Nepal.

Price list for Thuraya Airtime Units

We specialize in selling airtime for Thuraya.

You can buy airtime minutes online or by calling us from your Thuraya mobile. This unique Recharge by Phone service is a free call, so you can always refill your account even if you have no airtime left.

Our prices are competitive, orders are processed automatically and your airtime is instantly added to your Thuraya account.


Price US$

10 Units$13.75
20 Units$24.25
39 Units$46.00
50 Units$57.00
80 Units$89.00
160 Units$177.00
500 Units$526.00

Prices are the same if you Recharge Online or Recharge by Phone.

For information about call costs, this page explains the cost of making calls from a Thuraya satellite phone.