Recharge By Phone

You can now recharge your prepaid Thuraya SIM card directly from your Thuraya phone - No internet or computer needed.  If you travel to remote places and rely on your Thuraya phone, then this service will ensure that you never run out of airtime.

Calling the Recharge by Phone service from your Thuraya phone is a free call, so you can still recharge even if you have no airtime minutes remaining.  

To find out how the service works, please go to the How it Works page.  

How to register for Recharge by Phone:

  1. Create an account by Recharging Online - buy as little as 10 units of airtime
  2. Verify Your Credit Card - complete our online verification procedure
  3. Choose a secret Recharge by Phone Pin number which is required to access the service. You can set this pin after you complete your first Recharge Online

Full instructions, including the toll free number to call is provided when you have verified your credit card.  Prices are the same for Recharge Online or Recharge by Phone.  You can speak with a Thuraya Recharge operator 24x7 if you need any assistance.

Click here to Recharge Online now.