A sunburnt Paul Adler from Thuraya Recharge uses his Thuraya satellite phone to update a website during a mountaineering expedition in Kazakhstan.

About Thuraya Recharge

Thuraya Recharge specializes in selling airtime for your Thuraya phone.


The people at Thuraya Recharge are Thuraya users and understand the needs of satellite phone customers.

Paul Adler, one of the founders of Thuraya Recharge, has used his Thuraya phone to provide vital communications on many mountaineering expeditions. On a trip to Nepal, Paul became frustrated with delays and difficulties in purchasing credit for his Thuraya satellite phone.

He wanted a way that you could recharge by making a free call from your Thuraya phone or buying online, and so Thuraya Recharge was born.

Thuraya Recharge enables you to buy air time units wherever you are - online or over the phone. Your order is processed automatically and the air time units instantly added to your account. It couldn't be any simpler.