How to initialize a Thuraya phone and SIM card that you havent used for some time

Below are the steps which need to be followed when using your Thuraya SG-2520 or Thuraya SO-2510 phones for the first time or if the phones have been dormant over a long period of time (more than a year).

After acquiring process which takes 2- 10 minutes, the GPS co-ordinates will appear. At this stage you can go back to the main screen and you should be able to see “Thuraya + the country code“ if all has worked well. 

If not:

Once “Thuraya” appears on the screen, select it and the phone will start requesting for the network. After the “Requesting” process, the following message will appear “Thuraya +country code”. this is an indication that you have been successful.  When you go back to the main screen, you should see Thuraya and the name of the country