Recharge By Phone


The reasons for this are:

  • You do not have any SIM cards available for recharge with Thuraya Recharge. Please go to the Phone Details page to add a SIM.
  • Your credit card has expired. Please visit the Credit Card page to update or add a new card.
  • Your Credit Card is not verified. To verify your credit card, please visit the Verify Credit Card page.

Once you are setup to Recharge by Phone, you can order more air-time wherever you are by calling our Toll-Free number from your Thuraya phone. When we answer you'll need to enter your 4-digit Recharge by Phone PIN code and then select how much air-time you would like.

We charge your credit card and add the air-time to your Thuraya account while you are still on the phone. Easy!

Click on Phone Details to see and edit your Recharge by Phone pin code.