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Buy Thuraya airtime units online from the official Thuraya Recharge provider to refill your Thuraya pre-paid SIM. Pay by Visa, MasterCard or Amex and your airtime recharge will be instantly added to your Thuraya satellite phone and available for immediate use.

Thuraya Number and Refill Amount
Thuraya Phone Number:
Refill Amount:
 10 units   (Cost is US$13.75)
 20 units   (Cost is US$24.25)
 39 units   (Cost is US$46.00)
 50 units   (Cost is US$57.00)
 80 units   (Cost is US$89.00)
 160 units   (Cost is US$177.00)

Once your order is paid, these units will be automatically added to the Thuraya phone account you have listed above.